"Darren provided an excellent service in re-writing and structuring my CV, which transformed upwards the rate of response by, I would estimate, a factor of at least three. His understanding of the recruitment process (as it is now, in the current environment) is second to none and this is reflected in his careful and thoughtful design of the CV to give maximum impact to potential employers. He also addresses the nuances / messages the CV sends in the context of the candidates career goals, so it is an holistic and consistent document: this means the real candidate and their CV fit together at the interview stage which is critical for credibility. Darren takes the time to talk through your career and aspirations and produces a very powerful and effective first point of contact with a potential employer."
Martin S

"I have used Darren's services in my recent (autumn 2017) job search in Vietnam, both CV writing and LinkedIn based marketing campaign. In a record time he dramatically improved my CV and, thanks to a much stronger CV and his campaign, I was able to get a new job in just 3 months. And not just A job but what I would qualify at THE job. When I started this process, I never imagined such a great outcome. And so fast."
Jean P

"I'd like to say thanks to Darren for his career / CV writing advice as I have greatly benefited from his services, which in its form I have not found anywhere else in the market place. It has been spot on, made possible by his very personal and individual advice, based on one to one conversations and discussions. As it has turned out he has extensive and very diversified contacts in the global telecoms industry."
Karim W

"I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation for Darren. Darren was integral in my desire and achievement of securing my first overseas assignment with a top tier corporate"
Peter B

"Darren has advised and helped me since we started working together. He has enabled me to see where I wanted to go career-wise and I have already found a new role within a couple of months of starting. Great advice and great value!"
Margaret C

"Darren's CVs are convincing and well written. His new career services are something different in the market and are well worth considering. Darren has great contacts in both the telecoms and mining sectors."
Michael Z

"I have sent my latest CV off for one or two positions and a recruitment agency phoned yesterday... they stated that the CV was one of the best. Very impressive they said and they liked the format."
Craig P

"Darren's services are just what any executive needs to get back on track. His approach is simple and straightforward and has the ability to quickly embrace relationships. His suggestions were insightful and were realistic to implement, last but not the least he has a great personal touch in whatever he does, a rarity in today's business world."
Ranjit W

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